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Loan Services

OUF HOLDINGS Rongqiao capital holds the special business loan license (ACL 405636) and Australian financial license (afsl 442901) issued by the Australian government. With many years of experience in local loan management and risk control in Australia, the management team is committed to providing short-term housing mortgage bridge loans, construction loans and commercial loans to local residents and overseas investors in Australia, providing sufficient cash flow for customers to meet their urgent needs.


We always adhere to the innovative concept, break the tradition, quantify risk controls and improve the overall management, and provide customers with open and personalized products and services.

We value every customer's entrustment, provide high-quality credit services with genuine efforts, and follow the concept of instant, safe, professional, flexible and efficient to provide you with the best financial services.


Construction Loan

Construction loans are applicable to developers who have short-term turnover problems in development, construction and cash flow. In recent years, banks have tightened loans, and Rongqiao will provide more flexible financing schemes according to the specific needs of developers.

It mainly serves non-overseas people who want to buy real estate in Australia, or Australian residents who have problems in short-term capital turnover and cannot obtain loans from banks. They can obtain loans by mortgaging the real estate with legal ownership and control.

Personal Loan

OUF HOLDINGS commercial loan is funded by mortgaging its business premises or the real estate under the name of the lender. It is applicable to the expansion of the enterprise or enterprises’s major investment activities (such as the purchase of production equipment, office space, warehouse, etc.).

Commercial Loan

Subprime mortgages are loans made on mortgaged property. The repayment order of the subprime mortgage falls behind that of the first mortgage. Therefore, it has more risks and usually has a higher interest rate than the first mortgage.

Subprime Mortgage

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The information on this website has been prepared for accredited wholesale clients only who are interested in learning about the different products they can access via OUF Holdings (OUF Holdings Pty Ltd, AFS License: 400964 ). This information is factual information only. Any displays of potential investments are for example purposes only, and may not actually be available to investors. It does not take into account any of your personal objectives, circumstances or needs and does not constitute financial advice. Choosing an investment is an important decision and, before making any investment decision, you should consider obtaining financial advice and understand the associated risks as explained as on the OUF Holdings website. 

Past performance is not an indicator of future performance. Expected or forecasted returns may not reflect actual performance. Any displays of potential investment opportunities are for sample purposes only, and may not actually be available to investors.

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