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Golden Team

OUF HOLDINGS's senior executives and team have more than 20 years of experience in wealth management, international banking and professional investment banking. The team includes professionals in asset management, finance, legal affairs and risk control. OUF HOLDINGS and its cooperative funds currently manage a total of more than a $1 billion, and the cumulative scale of private equity funds issued exceeds a $200 million. We uphold the business principle of trust, bridge, openness and sharing to create long-term return on investment for customers.


Zhu Ye

Member of OUF Holdings board of directors & co-founder of Ausvogar capital

Zhu Ye is a member of the board of directors of OUF HOLDINGS Rongqiao capital and the founding partner of Ausvogar capital. He successively initiated the establishment of Ausvogar Capital China and Ausvogar capital Australia, and participated in the launch of nomey Ausvogar Canadaian company. Mr. Zhu is the chairman of Ausvogar Capital (China), the director of Ausvogar capital (Australia) and the director of nomey Ausvogar (Canada).


Mr. Zhu holds a master's degree from Beijing University of Technology and a master's degree in business from Wollongong University in Australia. He has nearly 20 years of experience in financial and investment management. He once worked for Beijing Wantong Industrial Co., Ltd. and participated in the initiation, financing, investment and post-management of Wantong trust fund and the first private industrial real estate value-added fund in China. He also led and managed the overseas investment business of Wantong Holdings in the United States, Australia and Taiwan.


Skye Zhang

OWM Partner

Skye Zhang graduated from Fuzhou University in China and acquired an EMBA from Northwestern Polytechnic University in the United States. She has nearly ten years of industry experience in the financial industry, especially in the field of asset management. She has led asset M & A projects / non-performing asset auction / acquisition and operation of commercial real estate in cooperation with many listed companies; Led the team to complete the a-round fixed increase of the former company and participated in the private placement of many well-known state-owned enterprises before and after listing. As a member of the investment decision-making committee of each project fund, he has unique ability in key node negotiation / transaction structure design / risk control;


Greg Keane

Risk Manager

Greg Keane is a senior tax and financial adviser. He has many years of experience in real estate financial management consulting in Australia. He has outstanding abilities in management, operation and maintenance for real estate development loans, commercial loans, tax reports, etc

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Joyce Yang

member of the board of directors of OUF HOLDINGS & Ausvogar capital

Mr. Yang, holding a master's degree in business from Wollongong University in Australia, is a senior Australian certified public accountant and a global Chartered Management Accountant. She has more than 15 years of experience in Australian finance and real estate industry. She has successively worked in Australia Vida credit company, GE Capital and pepper group, one of Australia's most non-financial institutions.


Li Shubin

Financial director of Ausvogar capital

Li Shubin is the chief financial officer and head of risk control of Ausvogar Capital (China). Mr. Li is a master of finance from Hebei University and a certified public accountant. He has worked in Huaxia Bank and Bank of Beijing. He has more than 15 years of rich theoretical knowledge and comprehensive practical experience in the financial industry.

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The information on this website has been prepared for accredited wholesale clients only who are interested in learning about the different products they can access via OUF Holdings (OUF Holdings Pty Ltd, AFS License: 400964). This information is factual information only. Any displays of potential investments are for example purposes only, and may not actually be available to investors. It does not take into account any of your personal objectives, circumstances or needs and does not constitute financial advice. Choosing an investment is an important decision and, before making any investment decision, you should consider obtaining financial advice and understand the associated risks as explained as on the OUF Holdings website. 

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